you became the waves

"It wasn't written this way. A lost youth. Drop out. No prospects, no plan."
you became the waves





rlm 007


30.July 2020


"Frequent brushes with the law, all night parties, sleeping on friends couches and my fair share of trips to the job centre. Then at 21, I received my first guitar. A gift from a great man. my Grandfather. It was as if the smog cleared, the path revealed itself and my love for the craft of songwriting began.

All these years on and I'm still in love with the process. The magic trick. The spark. Creating something from nothing. It never left my side. Stayed with me through it all. Never strayed."

"The album is a memoir. A homage to all the places and faces I have known and loved through the years. The title track YBTW was written with my late mother in mind. She battled with mental health and addiction her whole life. I needed to make it right. To make some sense of it I guess. To understand that there is something bigger than all this. Something more and somehow it was ok. When one thing ends another begins. A continuous energy. Yeah that's it. Like a wave, the wild ocean and its endless horizon. The shear vastness of it all. It's a symbol of freedom and hope. That's how the title came to be. "
"So this for everyone I have loved and learned from on the journey so far. Thank you."