Rundlauf Musik is a record label based in Berlin, originally founded by a collective of friends Jan Haufe, Peter Großöhme, Thilo Noack and Jan Weber. It began in 2005 as a party series at Berlin’s legendary club “Rosi’s” where the collective ping-ponged samples to each other to create expansive and fun methods of music making. Soon after it evolved into a music label platforming demanding, interdisciplinary music by artists in their circle–though purely as vinyl releases. Jan Weber, who is also co-founder of experiential design agency MONOMANGO, now helms the independent label and has brought technologies such as AI into Rundlauf’s vision.

Whilst electronic music features heavily in the catalog, Rundlauf is more excited by conceptually driven music that leaves a lasting emotional impression. In 2007 the label released the soundtrack “MONOMANGO – Revolutionarios” for the documentary film "Der Rote Elvis" (Berlinale 2007) directed by Leopold Grün. Other releases include singer-songwriter OLYMPIAN’s record You Became the Waves and ambient electroacoustic album Scores by multidisciplinary sound artist von Tsotzhousn.



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